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This blog post is a little more technical than most of the posts that we put up.  It is basically a quick overview of the Sigma Touch electronic shower system from Sigma and goes into some detail as to the basic function and options when thinking about purchasing this amazing showering unit.

Sigma Touch has is a very clean and modern design that is very user friendly and uses color to let the user know where they are in relation to temperature and volume of water.  This product is currently available and can be purchased from any authorized Sigma Faucets dealer in your area.

The Sigma Touch Electronic Thermostatic Shower System is a state of the art shower system designed with your bathing experience in mind. With a huge selection of trim, easy to use controls and adjustable shower presets, it is easy build the shower of your dreams. Sigma Touch is truly the new generation of controlling water.

Features & Benefits:

  • Sigma’s electronic shower system offers a shower experience unmatched in the industry.
  • Two half inch outlets with removable brass connections for easy installation.
  • You can see the water temperature at a glance, by looking at the LED colored lights built into the control knobs. Ranging from the coldest water from your home to approximately 115° F.

Turn on the shower or tub to your preferred bathing settings with one touch. Easily adjust temp and volume while bathing with one rotation of the controls.

  • Water temperature and volume can be programmed into the 3 factory presets and adjusted or reprogrammed at any time.
  • The valves flow rate is approximately 9 GPM, when installed correctly.
  • Easy to clean and simple maintenance.
  • Fill the bath tub remotely while lying in bed or in the tub using the remote wheel device and be on the lookout for the  iPhone app available in the near future.

  • Multiple control options including modern and contemporary designs.
  • Choose from Sigma’s wide variety of shower trim options to customize your shower just the way you like it.


  • Sigma’s state of the art system is hand made in Chur, Switzerland using Fluehs valve technology from Germany.
  • This is an advancing technology with improvements every day.
  • CAL Green compliant.


  • There is a dual/redundant back up battery system and dual controllers so if your power went out, you could finish taking  a complete shower.
  • The system has one of the fastest shut off response times in the world of all thermostatic systems, 5 milliseconds! This prevents any potential scalding as fast as the cold water is shut off. Never ever worry about safety again!
  • The shower stays off until you turn it back on . This way you can determine which bather pre-set you want to use.
  • The system has a hygiene function which kills any bacteria that may build up in your pipes.

With electronics entering our lives in many ways it can seem overwhelming at times.  The simplicity of this shower is one of the reasons it is so great.  It should not take time to read a manual to take a shower and with the Sigma Touch electronic shower the user controls are very basic and very simple to use and understand.  With the option for 3 different users and their own personal settings, it really can be an individual experience for everyone.