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FORM Sales decided to attend the Dwell On Design event in Los Angeles to see what all of the buzz was about.  Dwell On Design is at it’s core America’s largest modern design event and it did not disappoint with it’s product offerings for the home and design in general.  With every aspect of the home covered and with bright colors and fancy options around every corner it is clear to see why this event is attended so heavily and it is also clear that the people walking the show are trade professionals mostly in either design, art or architecture.  We met a lot of people that were simply looking for the next cool thing to specify for their projects.

The events seemed to be attended very heavily and there were some stars in the crowd looking for things for their own homes as well (this is L.A., right?).  The photo below give you a pretty good indication about the scale of the event.  I would say that this photo is only about 1/4 of the actual room size.

We were fortunate to have one of our manufacturers showing so we were able to mix it up with the crowd and talk to the attendees about their projects as well as where they were from.  Sonoma Forge decided to display and the booth was busy each day.  The products received a lot of high compliments for their design as well as being recognized for their use in outdoor projects.  Below is a photo of the booth.

It is clear that the Dwell On Design show is here to stay and I would expect it to continue to thrive.  With all of the new products and innovative ways to enhance your life while enjoying your home this show is a must see.

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